I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products offered by Eurosystem Polska. In combination with modern technological solutions, they enable extremely simple and efficient work on even the most complex roofing systems. I enormously appreciate innovation and pragmatism of Eurosystem Polska team - it provides a stable foundation for future fruitful cooperation.

Kira Ukraine


Our company have been cooperating with Eurosystem Poland for 6 years. Magnificent partners. Good managers, fluent logistics. Especially I want to mention the product that is offered on the Ukrainian market. Roofing membranes and foils of very high quality. Accessories for tiles also aren’t inferior to theirs counterparts. We are going to continue cooperation with the Eurosystem Poland.



I have been cooperating with Eurosystem Polska for many years now. This is because the products they offer are of very good, confirmed quality, and the assortment they have is expanding constantly.

A big asset of this company is the team they have- a group of qualified and experienced people, who have a very professional manner of working, and are truly dedicated to the job they are doing– all of this has an enormous impact on our company development.



We feel responsible for loyal and reliable consulting, and providing our clients with the best possible solutions. We take responsibility for our actions, the tasks we are performing, and most of all for the people we work with.


We always stay true to our commitments, especially taking care of the people who trusted us and our products. In our actions we try to be very consistent. We identify with what we do- this makes us credible


We focus on innovation. The tasks we perform are a challenge for us - this is why we constantly develop. This development is of course sustainable, and the profits we get, are constantly invested in new technologies.


Simple solutionsfor complex problems

Our mission is to produce and deliver to the worlds goods of the highest possible quality. Products which will complement the roofing systems in pitched and flat roofs. As an innovative company we are constantly looking for new products and innovatory solutions.

We look for simple solutions for complex problems. The key words which describe our business activity is: innovation, quality, partnership, honesty and business integrity.


High qualityStable development

We use resources which are of both high and stable quality. Thanks to this our products can be used in all conditions. We are innovative, and we strive for our products to have the best, European quality, and appropriate certificates to prove this.

Thanks to our business integrity and the highest possible level of customer service we are gaining a noticeable position in the European market.




Under the YOUR BRAND program we offer the producers of roof coverings a unique chance to create their own, branded roofing products created according to their needs and expectations. Those products supplement their system solutions. We guarantee the highest quality, confirmed by certificates and regular deliveries, according to business agreements we have.


We are central to operational activity conveyed by our partners in countries like: Russia , Finland , Italy , Spain , Austria , Belgium , Netherlands , Germany . Our task is to service the markets on different continents and to propose and popularize the best solutions in roofing systems.


For independent distributors and national operators we offer products under the Eurovent, Supernova, Topdach, Dachmaster, Terrafond brands. Thanks to specified pricing and distribution strategy we can guarantee our partners achieving measurable benefits resulting from the attractive trade margins